Sunday, August 24, 2014

Six years.

A couple of weeks ago me and the bf took a day off work to celebrate our six year anniversary :) We had some nice home cooked meals, went practise driving, swam in the ocean, bought some yarn (okay that was just me ;)) and snuggled. It was a really awesome day! And pretty amazing that we've been together for six years and he's still my favorite person in the world <3 Here are some foodie pics since that was the only thing I photographed lolz.

For breakfast I made american pancakes with banana and blueberries.


They turned out preeeeeettyy goood! ;)

For lunch the bf made a quesadilla with left overs from the day before. It was what I would call a multi quesadilla.

And for dinner we made a beet root and chevre salad and had some meat. I only took pics of the salad tho since meat isn't all that fun.

Mmm. This almost made me hungry. Fortunately I've just dined on some pancakes made by the bf. I woke up with wryneck (nackspärr). Boooh! Maybe a side effect from screaming at nazis yesterday, in that case fine. But I guess I just slept weird. Hopefully it will pass during the day/night so I can go to work tomorrow!

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  1. Mmm salladen såg god ut! Jag gjorde hemgjord falafel (from scratch!) i förrgår. De blev ganska goda, men lite tuggiga och så var det inget salt i, vilket hade behövts.