Saturday, September 6, 2014

Day of DIY # 65. First wires.

This post has been a long time coming. I kinda thought I had done it already but hey no oops. So I took this work shop in january this year. And then it took me forever finishing my piece... Heh. These pics were taken (by the bf) in june and now 3 months later here's the post lol.

The work shop was in wire crafts (luffarslöjd, much cooler in swedish) and we made candle holders.

There's something really appealing with luffarslöjd. It can be really pretty or rugged or maybe both. Just look at all these cool pics!

I'm really proud of my piece :)

And it was so much fun that I finally pulled myself together and bought supplies last weekend so I can make more stuff. I've already finished another item :)

Have you tried making anything with wire?


  1. Fin ljusstake. Jag har "stänger" till dig.

  2. Ja, jag har ju gjort en lampskärm med ståltråd och rispapper. Sedan började jag en gång på en korg i koppartråd, tills jag insåg hur jäkla mycket det skulle gå åt!

    Fin ljusstake!