Sunday, November 30, 2014

Day of DIY # 70. Tie masterpiece.

I got the idea for this project a long time ago. I wanted to make something out of ties. So I started collecting cool (mostly paisley) ties. Maybe two years ago? Anyways, thrift shops are the shit for tie collecting. Then it came to me a while back. A tie skirt. And then I saw it on a blog and liked the idea even more. I'm really proud of it since 1. I actually did it 2. it's a sewing project 3. it turned out almost exactly the way I had envisioned. YEY! It's my contribution to Husmorsskolans Syförening and Fredrikas Sypepp :) PICS!

 The pics are taken by the bf. At Zitadelle Spandau in Berlin. I figured such a masterpiece needed a castle. (Awesome mittens gift from mom)

So many ties!!!11oneone

 I cut all the ties the same length and sewed them together one at a time. Then I zig zagged the raw ends. (And that's basically everything I had to zig zag = awesome) The waistband is two ends that I sewed together and attached to the rest.

 I made a buttonhole in one of the ends. New skill! I've only tested the buttonhole thing on the machine before :) I also put in a zipper.

I didn't do a final count but there were 18-20 ties involved.

I got a thumbs up from a woman at a bus stop later in the evening. She knew fine crafts(wo)manship ;)

I should learn some new poses yes.

Here I tried out some Mr Burns arms at least.

TIES! I have almost all the thinner ends of the ties left. I shall of course save them for something else. I'll let you know when I figure it out.


  1. Congrats! Really fine sewing.

  2. I think I recognize one of them, from Poffe.

  3. Men å vilken underbar kjol! Och bilderna med för den delen :-)

  4. Vilken tuff kjol, en sån vill jag också göra!

  5. Det var en helskön kjol, ur snygg.

  6. Har sett idén tidigare och det är nog det bästa jag sett göras av slipsar!
    Din kjol är verkligen helsnygg!!

  7. Har också tänkt tanken när jag sett massa slipsar på loppis men tänkt att jag aldrig kommer få till det bra. Men du har ju lyckats superbra, snyggt jobbat! :)

  8. Fet idé! Har en kompis som gör allt möjligt av slipsar - stolssitsar, väskor, skitsnygga rosetter. Väldigt bra material verkar det som! :) En annan gjorde något liknande din idé fast med skjortärmar. Manschetterna bildade linningen om jag minns rätt!

  9. Fin! Men jag uppskattade ändå din kommentar om Mr Burns-armar mest! :D :D Yeeeess

  10. Nu ska jag genast börja samla slipsar!