Thursday, November 27, 2014

Moar foodz.

These posts kind of serve as inspiration for me. So I don't forget about all the tasty foods!

The bf wanted to make pancake cake. On a tuesday. "One of the perks about being a grown up." It was really tasty :)

Saturday feast! Veggies in the oven, fried fish and chanterelle + sherry sauce. Chantarelles picked by the bf. He's crafty that one. Eh YUM!

Another fried fish. This time with chopped almonds in the batter. Brussel sprouts in the oven with some lemon juice and sea salt. I also made a sort of sauce with olive oil, lime juice, chili and ginger (I think, it was a while ago ya'know).

And sometimes we even eat in day light! A weekend breakfast all included.

Maybe you got some food inspo?

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