Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Triple rainbow!

Hellu! I was going to post pics from my recent water marble but the photos didn't come out that good so I'll save it for when I don't have anything else to post. Because today I really do have something to post! This is a mani I did yesterday and it's the nicest mani I've done so far :) I'm really going to struggle not to remove it too soon. As you know that's hard sometimes hehe ;) This is also the first time I've done a matching pedi :O

Behold! I saw this cool tutorial from Nihrida on Youtube for the Yin&Yang. 
It wasn't really hard but with practise I think it will look even better!

The rainbows are sponged and I could've gone over them one more time. Ah well :p

Toes! I'm not a zebra irl. This photo is kinda crappy but you get the idea at least. I think it's harder to paint my toes than my fingers. Do you?

Now I'm gonna sit in the park for a while. Tonight I'm going over to my mom to dye some clothes :D


  1. Snyggt! Och roligt :) Kul att se regnbågen åt andra hållet, det funkar ju bra det med!

    Jag tycker också det är mycket jobbigare att måla tånaglarna, jag gör aldrig det... om jag inte måste panikswatcha ett lack för att se hur det beter sig, då har jag stortånaglarna som nödlösning :P

  2. Haha ja men man får sitta helt böjd. Jag målar dem bara på sommaren när de syns.