Saturday, August 6, 2011


Tomorrow me and the bf are going on vacation. I was going to paint my nails with some light color so it wouldn't be so obvious when it started chipping. I had already decided to wear CG - Light As Air but then the bf suggested I should wear a holo since we're gonna be in the sun. Of course I should wear something holo! Silly me :p So Gosh - Holographic is coming with my nails to vacation! :) I cut my nails for convinience and since I'm not used to painting short nails it's a bit sloppy 8) Aaanywho, pix!

Two coats over Depend - 223 (silver).

My index finger looks all ragged from the tie dye I did earlier this week. I should post some pix of that when I get back home. It was fun :)

See you in a week!

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