Thursday, November 24, 2011

An epic project.

Two posts in one day since I wanted to post about my side (yarn) project. It's going to be a quilted comforter. If that's what you call it? Lapptäcke in swedish. I'm gonna knit and crochet squares and then sew them all together and put some fabric on the other side to make it more even. Ah this was hard to describe in english :P I started about 1 week ago and that's when I took this pic. I thought it would be fun to take photos as I go along. Obviously this is going to take a while since I'm gonna make 280 squares and I have other projects that I have to finish before. But I kind of like the idea of a project stretching over a year, or years even :) And I get to use all of my balls of yarn even if I only have a little bit of it left! :)

Two crocheted squares. Oh yeah I forgot to mention... it's gonna be a rainbow quilt.

The bf has actually made two squares since I took this photo, it was super cute! :D Do you like knitting, sewing, crocheting? Tell me! :)

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