Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Moar clothes.

I don't have any nails to post so I'm gonna post some outfits instead. It's a good thing I have been taking photos almost every day :) It's made me wear different dresses every day and I soon have pics of them all. Then I'll have to move on to the skirts lol.

The blue tunic/dress is from the supermarket, the one under is from H&M and so are the stockings. Lol at the second pose.

The tunic is from H&M, the dress under as well and the stockings I don't remember. But they were awesomely cheap at least :) Oh and the bf took these photos :) The self-timer could rest for once lol.

I got the dress from the roomie and the stockings from Åhlens. The sweater was my mom's but she didn't use it. Yey for inherited clothes ;D

What do you guys like to wear? As you probably noticed, I'm all about dresses and stockings :P


  1. You have some great stockings! I loooove the purple ones :D No wonder you like to wear dresses and stockings, I bet it´s super comfortable! I´m in search for some dresses now, cause I love to wear dresses,warm stockings and boots in the winter ;)

  2. Thank you! I hope you find something nice :) You can't have too many dresses ;)