Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Random stuff.

Randomness. Why not? I promise there will be nails soon 8)

Hello. Welcome to the family. Even after getting these I still have 3 packages on the way, oops :P
(It's A-England - Tristam and Perceval)

Last week I bought 8 new pairs of stockings.. Yes, I am a bit crazy but I love me a good deal :) I needed some new thicker stockings so score! Too bad the thick ones never come in any bright colors :/

Yesterday we went to a japanese restaurant to celebrate the bf's dad's birthday. I had make up on and everything :O The dress and cardigan are from H&M and stockings from Åhlens (the brown ones in the previous photo).

How pretty is this dress? I would say really reeaally 8)

Sneak peek nail :P

I should really be studying now. This exam business is moving in on me! :P

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