Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Better late than never.

Hellu and Merry Christmas!
Oops a bit late. I've been really busy hanging out with my family the past couple of days. We had a really nice Christmas Eve and I got a lot of super nice gifts! Unfortunately I've come down with a cold so I'll have to rest the next couple of days but I should post some pics tomorrow. Yesterday I went to the sale and bought 8 nail polishes :P

I got a comment from Chaosophia asking about the dance pic from my previous post so I thought I could tell you a little about it. What I dance is called American Tribal Style (ATS) and it's a relatively new dance style with influences from belly dance and flamenco. It's improvised and when we dance we follow one person who gives us signs so we know what steps we're gonna do. It's really fun and nice since you don't have to memorize a choreography. There are slow as well as fast steps. It's pretty cool because if you know the same steps as someone else you can dance together, even if you've never danced together before. I went to belly dance classes for two semesters when I was in high school but I like ATS better. I started dancing this april so I haven't been doing it for that long but it's something I think I'll continue with for much longer :)

Here's a nice video of some really talented ATS dancers :)

Do any of you have a fun hobby?


  1. Jag skulle lätt kunna tänka mig att dansa något liknande! Borde verkligen kolla upp vad det finns för möjligheter till dans öht där jag bor, även om jag numera börjar bli lite gammal och klumpig.

    Tack för att du skrev lite om det du dansar!

  2. Ja det är jätteskoj! Vet inte hur utbrett ATS är men det går nog att ta reda på. Jag blev lite intresserad av Bollywood när jag var på en dansuppvisning, det verkar också jätteroligt! Kan även informera om att jag dansar med min mamma och en massa andra vuxna så det där med gammal och klumpig tror jag icke på ;)