Friday, December 23, 2011

Updated navy.

The bf says I've been slacking with my posting so here's a little post at least. It's a busy time now, tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Yesterday me and the bf made two sorts of candy at my mom's place :) I've also been to a little party with my dance friends aka my tribe 8)

I sponged on some Victoria's Secret - Lovelight on E.L.F. - Dark Navy. I had to include the whole bottle since it is pretty funny. Not to store though...

I liked this mani but the pics didn't turn out all that.

And here's me all (dance) suited up!

Merry Christmas everyone! :)


  1. Oh, magdansar du? :o Jag har alltid (nåja, de senaste 10 åren kanske) velat lära mig magdans, men det är snålt med sådant härikring där jag bor.

    Ps. Vad fin du är!