Friday, December 2, 2011


Finally I have some more nails for the challenge. I wasn't feeling well yesterday so these nails were made today. The theme is like the title says rainbow nails. Without further ado:

A rainbow water marble :) Made with mah Color Club pride nailpolishes!

So many rainbows... :)

Right hand. One coat of China Glaze - Snow under the marble also.

The right ring finger is the one I liked the best :)

I had to include this one as well. I even got an awesome rainbow on the other side of the nail :D

Psychedelic tape.

Next one up is gradient nails which is also something I really like so that will be fun too :) Altho I think I have to keep this one on for a bit longer than usual ;) Ah, I like 'em water marbles!


  1. Supersnyggt! Jag har varit på jakt efter ett gäng lack i glada färger för att göra sånna där manikyrer, kanske får jag klicka hem den kollektionen

  2. wow, this is an amazing marble, the colours are so vibrant and look great together, well done. x

  3. They're so cool!! The colors are perfect together ;)I love it!

  4. Thanks guys, what a nice response! :)