Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wheels of yarn.

I'm progressing slowly with my 14 day challenge... I did my nails this morning since I didn't really like the metallic mani but I'll show you those some other day. Tonight I really should do some rainbow nails :P But I felt like posting something so this is another random post.

I ordered some nail wheels from Ebay and they arrived this week. I'm not done yet since I need to write numbers on them and I don't have a good pen for that but it was fun painting them :) So many purdy colors! :D

Mah yarn haul from Klippans Yllefabrik 8) What a magical place! ;)

Eeek so pretty! Imagine having all those colors on your nails too ;) I just couldn't resist them and they will make a damn fine sweater/cardigan/bolero/whatever some day! :D


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