Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Green and pink.

I have some shimmery and sparkly colors today. I've had both of these since before I got crazy about polish. They're two or three years old I think.

Three coats of Depend - something... The number is worn off... Start making real lables Depend! -.- Anyways, it's really pretty! I wore it as Xmas skittles along with a gold and red polish :) It was also easy to apply.

Two coats of Depend - 165 (I think, the last number is also a bit worn off...). This is soooo pretty! I've been oogling my hand a lot :P Application was a little harder since it's getting a bit goopy but not too bad.

Drool. I'm kinda bummed I have so little of it but I saw a pic at Pamsans blog of Diamond Cosmetic - Sparkling Sherry that reminded me of this one. Anyone know any other similar polishes that are maybe a bit easier to get?

Just finishing my tea and then I'm off to school to copy some stuff at the library. I can't wait til I'm finished with this paper... I shall celebrate by painting my nails! ;)

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