Friday, January 6, 2012

Light Depends.

These are the last two Depends that I swatched. The only ones I didn't swatch were too thick. It's hard to thin out Depend polishes :/ Anywho!

This is three (booh) coats of Depend - 210. I like the color but the formula isn't as nice. With three coats it takes too long for it to dry and I actually picked it off during the evening since it wouldn't dry.

This is three (booh again) coats of Depend - 38. It's a nice pearly white but it didn't cover completely in three coats and come on it's not four coats-pretty...

Next up in the Helmer is Color Club :) 


  1. I love the yellow! Your right its not four coat pretty but it is a good 3 coat base for nail art or stamp!

  2. Yeah or maybe I can paint my toes with it in the summer :)