Friday, March 23, 2012

Another cats eyes.

There's an old saying; when there's sun, there should be holo. Actually, I made that up. But it'd make a nice proverb wouldn't it?

Two coats of A England - Princess Sabra. As you already know, these polishes are the shizzle when it comes to application and what not. It's like an olive green golden color. With holo. Grool!

Bring forth the holo!!

This is what it looks like when the holo is hiding. This is a color I wouldn't have bought if it didn't have holo. So I'm glad it did because it is a pretty cool and unusual color. And what kind of a rainbow lover would I be if I couldn't make a home for all kinds of shades ;)

I'm still all giddy that the bf got these for me! :D Also, she made this polish to look like her cats eyes, how could it not be awesome? That's love.

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