Friday, August 17, 2012

Soup for the soul.

I'm gonna show you some pics so you understand why I love our new place. About 10 mins walk from where we live there's this great out doors museum (friluftsmuseum). No idea what you call that in english lol. Anyways it's got animals (that are old country species indigenous to my county), old houses, gardens, an old city centre (where you can buy old fashioned candy yum!) and an out door theatre (never seen anything there but it's pretty cool anyways) so of course I love the place!

House from the 1800's if I remember right. It has a lot of cool old stuff in it ;) Really pretty! Pic taken in april.

This one also from april is for my sister. She knows why.

To prove to you that we do have summer and green trees in Sweden ;) here's a pic from the end of may. Also a pic of my awesome icelandic sweater that I bought at a thrift store for 30 SEK. Yes, I am still blown away by it.

Here's a pic from this weekend. The cool dress is from the same thrift store as the sweater and it cost me maybe 20 SEK? Something like that :)

One of the pastures runs along my way to work so this week I've seen this little fella several times again :) Oh, and photos were take by the bf.


  1. Underläppen!!!

    Vilka mysiga bilder :)

    1. Haha ja jag tänkte att du nog skulle gilla den ;)