Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yellow and green leopard.

I felt I should do some non tape nail art so I don't totally forget how lol. I've been meaning to do a water marble for like ever but I didn't have the time or energy so I went for something easy but still fun. Leopard print! :)

Base is Face Stockholm - eemh yellow and the green dots are with the other Face Stockholm polish I got from my sister (no name for that one either) :) The black is A England - Camelot + SV to smoooth it out.

Bright and fun :)

Do you like leopard print? If so, traditional or these fantasy leopards? :P


  1. Mycket roligare och snyggare än de klassiska leopardfärgerna!

  2. Love the color choices! I go in and out with the animal prints -- do it too much and you get bored with it, but sometimes it's just so perfect :)

    1. Yeah, I hadn't done it for months :) Glad you liked it!

  3. This one is awesome! I love leopard prints in crazy colors :D