Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day of DIY # 18.

Here are some potholders I made a while ago.

Sorry about the pics, the color of these were not this glowy.

I gave these two to my oldest sister for christmas I think? But according to my computer the pics were taken in april hmm. Anyways she wanted potholders in green and orange and these were just that. And not neon like in the pics lol.

I made these two for G. She always gives me great presents and I thought it was about time she got something crafted! Their kitchen is blue so we decided on that color.

Potholders, the ultimate gift! ;)


  1. Jättesnygga! Även om färgerna inte var sig själva tycker jag om dem! Min matta är färdigmonterad. Det var enkelt med fiskelina. Sydde några stygn och knöt några knutar. Hoppas det håller i längden. Ha en skön helg!

    1. Jaha okej du sydde ihop den :) Ja men fiskelina ska ju tåla en hel del iaf! Detsamma!