Thursday, October 18, 2012

Number one.

Here it is in all its glory. The dupe for Unicorn Pee only available in the UK (which I got when we went to Scotland this summer). This post will contain a looot of pics since I really wanna make you understand how beautiful it is. Yes I'm a nail polish nerd. Start drooling! I think I have to make all the pics big as well 8)

This is two coats (I think? It was a while ago) of Maxfactor - Fantasy Fire (awesome name!) over two coats of Essie - Wicked. Might be a coat of SV as well.

Then it shifts! From the prettiest red shimmer to copper with yellow tint.

To a forest-y green. It's almost embarassing how much time I spent watching my nails with this polish. Almost.

 The first time I tried it I layered one coat of it over A England - Lady of the Lake. Here you can see the purpleness of Fantasy Fire a lot more. And also the holo shines from underneath :)

Here it looks purple and blue.

Here's some of that copper again.

OMG looking at these pics I just wanna remove what I have on and wear this for the rest of my life! Lol :) It's sooo puuuuuurdyyyyy!!!1111111oneoneoneeleven


  1. Jag vill plocka av dina naglar från skärmen och sätta dem på mina fingrar. Så jäkla fint lack! Jag ledsnar tydligen aldrig!

    1. Haha åh sicket omdöme! ;) Ja det är megafint!