Thursday, October 25, 2012

One for mother nature.

This is a post I've been wanting to make for a while now. I think about the environment and try to treat it as nicely as I can. As you may have noticed (he he) I like nail polish, and you probably also get that nail polish is no good for the environment what with all the chemicals, bottles and whatnot. So I want to compensate for that. This post will be about a few of the things I do to treat mother nature nicely. Maybe there's something you haven't thought about that you could do. These are also things that are good for me as well :) If you have any cool tips about a greener life please tell me in the comments! :)

I like clothes. And I like when noone has the same clothes as I do. Also I like old stuff. So it was only natural that I stopped buying new clothes. I still buy stockings, underwear and shoes new but everything else I try to get second hand :) It's also much more fun! I love me a good deal. I also try to find craft supplies and things for our home second hand. My family has a tradition of wanting to get rid off  give stuff to eachother so usually that's not a problem. ;) (dress from one of my sisters, cardigan from one of my other sisters ;))

I've stopped using chemicals in my hair. I read about someone who stopped using chemicals in her hair and it really got me thinking. I usually get scalp issues when it gets colder outside and thought about the madness of putting chemicals and stuff on it o.O Also Husfadern wrote that he washes his hair with honey so I had to try that. I'm going to make a separate post for this since I've tried a few different things :) Happy hair, happy planet ;) (pic is about 2 years old from when I had a side cut)

If you haven't heard about a menstrual cup now is the time for me to tell you about it. It's like the greatest invention ever, seriously. It's more hygienic, cheaper, better for the environment and more comfortable! I bought mine 3 years ago and still think it's great. There really are no cons to it! The reason you don't know about it (if you don't) is probably good old capitalism. Since you can use it for about 10 years it's a crappy deal for the big companies like Alldays etc. I can't seem to find the site where I bought mine but I'll leave some links here and here, and also a great review in english from Nihrida :) If you want to know more about it just google it and you'll find a lot more information. And then buy one! ;) (pic is from here and it is the model I have)

 I wanted to get a cuticle and nail oil but wasn't up to paying a lot for it. I remembered reading somewhere that some nail oils basically contain a lot of sesame seed oil. I thought that sounded great and bought a bottle for about 40 SEK. I cleaned out an old nail polish bottle with remover and poured in some oil. I try to apply it every night when I go to bed. Also I discovered recently that it makes good chapstick as well lol. 100 % natural :)

Quite the wordy post but fun to make :)


  1. HoW about - forget washing machine and dishwasher! You will save a great deal of energy.

    Think twice before you buy something new. Check out Second hand first and think about if you could renew old clothes.

    As in a fact I have also desided to buy new things as little I can this and next year. It is really fun and good for the little braincells!

    I wish you a nice weekend!

    1. Great tips! :) Yes, shopping second hand is really fun :D

  2. Kanonbra Helga! Ser fram emot inlägg om hårvård :)

    1. Tack :) Ja det får jag ta och knåpa ihop snart!

  3. Skrillex, is that you? :)