Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dancy hair.

Last week I went to a turkish restaurant with my mom for some good food and dancing. Since we were going to perform some ATS we went all out with hair and stuff. I thought it'd be fun to post my hair style here since it's different from just everyday hair. Also, I like hair :)

I made a small dutch braid (on the right in the pic) and then on the other side made a larger dutch braid that went around the head to the other side. I got the flowers from my mom a while back, she crocheted them. And she also helped me fasten them to my hair here :) I don't have a pic from my dance outfit but it was the same as in this post. In this pic I'm wearing a cool thrifted dress!

Maybe I should wear flowers in my hair more often. It's pretty! See you soon with some more holiday manis!


  1. Du skulle kunna ha så här varje dag:-)

    1. Ja det var väldigt fint! Vet inte om jag ska sätta fast dem på en klämma eller ha dem lösa. Då kan jag ju välja hur jag vill ha dem lite mer. Och hur många.