Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday stripes.

I've been doing christmas manis for the last week or two. Here's one attempt from early this month.

 Green, gold and red. Those are christmas colors. But this mani doesn't seem all that festive. Ah well. The green is China Glaze - Starboard, the gold is A England - Holy Grail and the red is A England Perceval which I can't stop using. I might actually have to get a back up of that some day. Oh and I used striping tape for this one. It's easier to stick to the nail but you have to be more careful not to get it on the other side of the tape.

I also added a coat of China Glaze - White Cap. Which is totally pretty but I couldn't really show that in the pics. Ye ye. :p

I can't wait for christmas! I'm super busy with my bachelor paper right now. This studying is hard lol! Anyway, a couple of weeks left and it's hopefully over. And we're taking a break over the holiday :)
More christmas manis to come!


  1. It's very beautiful and festive, great colors!

  2. Jag tyckte den var festlig, fast kanske lite mer på en reggae-festival än julen :p

    1. Haha jaaa det är ju det det är! Kunde inte komma på vad det påminde mig om :s