Friday, December 28, 2012

Day of DIY # 21. Personal best.

Life's full of surprises. I got one some months back and I'm finally getting used to it. I'm going to be an aunt. And soon! I'm kind of a sentimental person so yeah I'm getting a bit teared up writing this. I'll blame it on being home alone, listening to I will always love you by Dolly Parton (what, it's in my playlist) and missing my bf a looot! (but who am I kidding right? ;)) Anyways, this project was a labor of love. Pic spam!

Remember these? Well they turned into this.

And then this.

And then it was finished.

Bf's feet for size reference (and since I miss him!) and a glimpse of another knit to come on the blog.

And a fancy shot :) This is the prettiest, most time consuming and coolest thing I've made so far. I hope my niece/nephew will like it as much as the parents did ;)

All photos taken by the bf <3 This blanket was so much fun to make. I'll probably make one for myself altho it will take a lot longer than this one lol. This one took me 2-3 months. Pretty good time if I may say so myself. I've been true to one craft at a time for the last few months. There may be hope for me yet! ;D