Friday, May 3, 2013

Valborg nails.

I've had holo nails on the past two Valborgsmässoafton. So you know gotta carry on the tradition! We even had some sun so I got to see the sparklyness in full force :) Too bad the sun was away when I took these pics... Here's a link so you can drool over last years mani!

 Here's the most color accurate pic, under a lamp. I started with one coat of Gina Tricot - Petrol on most nails and two coats of A England - Saint George on the ring finger. The other nails got a hole reinforcer and a coat of Depend - 2036 and SV on all nails!

Need to show the holo a bit more. The Depend holos are really good! And since they're so tiny and expensive (and not very opaque..) it's nice to layer them :)

I celebrated Valborg in Lund with a bunch of friends and had a really nice time :)
It's really time to crack open the holos for reals now woop woop! I <3 summer.

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