Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day of DIY # 47. Lip balm.

Here's some more for the no poo category, lip balm! :) I don't remember exactly which recipe I used but you can google or youtube making lip balm and find loads.

 If you make it like I did here's what you'll need: something to put it in when double boiling ((vattenbad) I'm using a 2,5 dl measurement), shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax and something to put it in. I also added some honey. [Shea butter and beeswax bought here]

Put it in your cup and melt it in a pan with water.

Pour it up as soon as it's all melted. The beeswax settled quite fast. I reused two lip balm containers and put the excess in a small body butter jar. The honey didn't blend very well, most of it ended up in the jar as you can see.

I had a really busy no poo afternoon that day (more to come some other day) and also made a batch of body butter as gifts for my sisters. This batch looked really good at first, really creamy and nice. But my own at least has separated a bit. I didn't have a lot of shea butter and used more coconut oil so that might be why. Anyways, it's still good for ya! :)

I can really recommend making some lip balm. It's fun and works really well :) Let me know if you try it!


  1. Jag kan intyga att ceratet fungerar utmärkt. Och även bodybuttern.

  2. Vad kul att få beskrivning och köp-länk har länge velat prova detta. Tack!