Thursday, June 13, 2013


Just a few pics from the life of this one (me).

Sister I gave me these pretty flowers for my graduation.

I got all artsy and stuff! Flowers are cool.

Speaking of flowers... My lavender plants are in bloom.

And speaking of lavender lol... I mass produced lavender bags this weekend. Getting on top of the moth situation finally!

I had to cut my arm candy off because of work. Now I feel really naked! :S I'll get them back tho when work is done. But perhaps I'll keep them all on one wrist from now on.

First knit in a while, and it felt gooood! Altho it is a part of a large crochet project :p I just can't seem to shake the granny squares lol. By the way I bought this yarn (100 % cotton, 100 g) at Coop for 50 SEK. Just a tip, it's nice :)


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  1. sv: Ja, jag tyckte inte smaken var dålig, men konsistensen var hemsk. Men jag ska testa i stekpanna nästa gång :)