Sunday, June 9, 2013

I could shout it from the roof tops.

I love vegetables. Like really. I could shout it from the roof tops ;) Good food makes me happy you know. I just wanna eat it lol. JUST EAT IT! Ps. this link is top quality humour and it actually makes me laugh out loud. Here's some vegetarian inspo for ya'll! Get your veg on.

We like putting stuff in tortillas. Sallad, tzatziki with cucumber and carrot and some veggie sauce thing with mushroom, onion, red pepper, corn, creme fraiche and cheese and some sort of seasoning probably that I don't remember now :p


I'm not a lasagne person but I sure do love this one! The first two layers are different veggies + crushed tomatoes and lasagne sheets. The top is blue cheese mixed with creme fraiche or quark (kvarg) or both if you like. Blue cheese <3

 Vegetarian eeeh.. balls? We just call them veggiebiffar. Anyways, it's grated potato, carrot and a little cheese mixed with wheatberry (matvete) and an egg + seasoning. This time we made it in the oven instead of the frying pan. Soooo much easier!

We usually have a nice salad and some seasoned creme fraice with these.

This post makes me hungry. Also I just learned a bunch of new english words 8)
And if you liked the link up top here's another one. /giggle
The bf took some of these foody pics.


  1. Ser ut som en härlig sommarmåltid! Grattis till examen!

  2. sv: ja, det var garanterat snagget som avgjorde, men egentligen är det märkligt att folk får för sig att ens matvanor ska synas på utsidan! Tack snälla för bloggtipset, och mattipset - det här såg ju suveränt ut. Det gör mig också riktigt hungrig ^^