Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day of DIY # 51. Baby cardigan.

I actually have several DIYs ready. Which is pretty nice since there won't be much home made stuff here until oh say the 24th of december... ;) Here's one I finished last week. And this week I'm right on schedule for Husmorsskolans Syförening :)

 My first cardigan :) Modified this pattern. This is the 4th sweater from that pattern. It's really easy to follow and modify so I like it :) The size is 0-3 months. Material is wool yarn from Klippans Yllefabrik and size 3 needles. Cutting in knits is fuuuun! I also crocheted the neck a bit higher but you can't really see that in the pic.

 I made this for my niece since cardigans are easier to use. And because I just can't resist making stuff for the babies... The buttons are from my grandmothers sewing box :) Why buy stuff you guys? (except you yarn... my precious)

The pattern is (aside from stripes..) pretty much the easiest possible but still really nice :) I have a special love for squares... I crocheted the button holes.

And an action pic from when I had some real special little peeps visiting :)

I will most def make more of these! :) Now if only adult sweaters knitted up this quickly... ;P


  1. Det måste vara en glad liten som fick den fina koftan

  2. Så fin kofta och så gulliga knappar.

  3. Jag brukar försöka hålla det till handgjort så långt det är möjligt, jag med. Vuxna och små barn är ganska enkla att hitta på något till, däremot mittimellanbarnen och yngre tonåringar är svårare tycker jag. Härlig kofta du gjort, så himla glada färger!