Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day of DIY # 52. Embroidered top.

This week I'm finally on board for Fredrikas Sypepp again! I've been meaning to join in since my first time in may... Eh. :p Better late than never! This time it was an upcycling theme, perfect! It's also nice since this DIY is actually inspired by her as well. She's posted a lot of cool short tops and when I was working on this one I was like heck, why not make it a short one! This is also my contribution to Husmorsskolans Syförening this week.

This is what I started out with, courtesy of my dad. A jeans shirt with short sleeves.

 I embroidered the back before I had any idea what I wanted to turn it into. My first thoughts were a dress, since obviously I like 'em dresses ;)

Of course I had to throw a rainbow in there. All the embroidery floss was thrifted, the sewing thread was a gift. Monetary cost for this project = very close to nothing.

Then I cut off about half of it and took it in everywhere :P I'm so glad I have a sewing mannequin! I probably wouldn't have made it otherwise lol.

I'm super happy with this one. Even though (or especially because) it's not really my style. Comfort zone -> stepping out of it. Plus I've never refashioned anything this much or well :)

Pics by bf <3 I'm also wearing my fantastical harem pants that he bought me in India. Woop woop!