Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day of DIY # 56. Samfestingur.

Here's a baby DIY I cast on in april. And finished in october lol. It lay almost finished for a while when I gathered energy for figuring out the finishing touches. I intended this for my niece lil G since she was the only one around at that time :P Then I was too slow and she outgrew it before it was even finished. But fear not because my nephew entered the world and I got it ready for his visit. Unfortunately lil A is a bit bigger than his cousin and it was too small for him as well! Ah well, it's on hold for the next baby to grace our family :)

 Tadah! The pattern was originally an icelandic one called Samfestingur that my mom translated for me (yes she knows everything). I then modified it so I could knit it in the round and with raglan sleeves. Because I löööv me some raglan! ;) The yarn is cotton from various sources and a tiny amount of bamboo. I bought the buttons new (oh my!) since I didn't have any fitting ones at home. I did the size 3-6 months (if I'm not totally mistaken).

I'm really pleased with this one so it was too bad neither kiddo could wear it... Since I do like squares I'm happy with the pattern, which was also effortless to make but makes it all the more interesting :)



  1. I really love the adaptations you made to the samfestingur. Eventually some lucky child will have it.

  2. Så fina färger! Och vilket jobb ni gjort med mönstret, roligt att ge sig på en översättning.
    Jag är för lat och skulle säkert leta efter något liknande på mer tillgängligt språk istället...