Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Last year I did a recap of 2012 on New Years Eve and I thought I'd do the same this year since it's fun :) Here's the one for 2012.

This has for some reasons been the hardest year ever and for a lot of reasons been the best year of my life. The best thing that's happened this year (and except for my bf, the best thing in all of my life) is that I'm an aunt now. I got a niece in february and a nephew in july. Holding those little people for the first time... Last week my niece fell asleep in my arms for the first time and I felt so lucky I could burst. I could probably never describe exactly how happy becoming an aunt has made me so I'll just stop here before I cry all over my keyboard ;)

Another cool thing is that me and the bf got engaged on my 25th birthday (where does the time go??). In june I graduated after 3,5 years of studies. I have a title now (and a job that I like woop woop). Pretty cool! The next big thing happened in august when I went to Iceland to discover my roots and learn icelandic. It was awesome meeting my relatives and getting to know the people in my class. Hopefully I can take the bf there next year :) My niece and her family ;) moved to our city in august and now live real close, which is like the best thing ever. My bestest friend also moved and is just a short walk away! :)

This was also the year I got really into no poo and all that jazz. I still buy 90% of my clothes second hand (I should do a post soon since I've updated my wardrobe a bit). I also try to get other stuff second hand, from shops or from my family he he. I also kinda took the no pooing to another level by quitting the pill, which I haven't talked about on the blog but seriously increased my quality of life by like a billion. Preach!

Anyways, this will probably be my longest post ever since I'm gonna post my favorite nail arts of 2013 as well as my favorite DIYs (the ones I have pics of that is). First up, the best nail arts!

Spongy, tape and rhinestone mani with two new favorites: Sephora - Any Way Any Where & China Glaze - Stella. Purdy!

Bought me some new neons with shimmer. Perfect for crazy leopards!

Tried another way to use hole reinforcers with some A Englands.

Finally got the hang of the cloud mani.

2013 wasn't a very nail arty year. Hopefully I can get more creative in 2014 :) And now the best for last, my favorite DIYs! Trying to remember them I thought I didn't make that much but eeh.. I kinda did :)

 Two rainbow favorites in one pic. The pillow because it's cool and the baby sweater since it was the first one and also the first piece of baby clothing I made.

Probably one of my funniest posts. Pobody's nerfect.

One of the coolest pieces yet. Stomach warmed with Hönsestrikk.

One of my most complemented pieces, also very fun to make. Embroidered kånken.

More experimenting with the sweater pattern.

And another adventure in cotton. Samfestingur.

Phew! If you got all the way down here...


  1. Åh vilket härligt inlägg! Tänk att det finns så mycket kärlek i världen åt två sådana småttingar <3 Vilket år du har haft! Så mycket spännande och stora saker.. Och vilka fina saker du har gjort! Mina favoriter måste nog också vara regnbågströjan, men även Alfens gröna, den är flitigt använd! Och de små strumporna då! Idag när jag hade min tröja för första gången blev jag glad när den började lukta ull när jag svettades i snön :p

    Det är så roligt att följa din blogg, speciellt eftersom vi inte pratar så ofta på Skype, tur att vi fick till en videokonferens idag! ;)

    1. Ja det är bra med bloggarna! Tycker det är så roligt att få följa eran vardag med alla små förändringar som händer nu. Ja det finns nog oändligt med kärlek, iaf härifrån hihi :)

      Detta år kommer jag nog faktiskt göra lite mer grejjer till mig själv men nåra grejjer till di små blir det ju såklart också! Ja ull-lukt är det bästa! Det känns så redigt och bra :D

  2. Oj, glömde nämna att Alfens fina filt också är en favorit så klart!