Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New yarnz.

Here's some new yarns I've gotten in the last couple of months.

Me and the bf went to Iceland in june. I will hopefully post some more pics about that soon but here's the yarn I bought which you know is pretty interesting ;) This is about 600g of plötulopi in a beautiful purple color which I see now I didn't manage to capture. Booh! Anyways, it's really nice :)

I bought some more einband as well since I plan on making a blue/grey/black sweater. And because it's so cheap how could I not? ;)

I needed a cotton refill and ordered some from Redlunds Manufaktur. 46 kr for 200g. Yes. Yes.

This brown was also hard to photograph. It's not as reddish irl.


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  1. Det blåa einbandet är underbart.