Thursday, July 10, 2014

Day of DIY # 62. Mending again.

About a month ago I had some extra energy after work and felt like sewing something. I decided to surprise the bf with some mended shorts. Again lol. Since this bf of mine doesn't like shopping I felt the odds of him buying a new pair were close to nothing... :P And why buy new when you can mend right?

A tip, fix the pants before the holes get this big :P

 They had gotten some more wear (as in skateboarding) since the last time I fixed them.

 All over the place.

These pants have so much tread in them now they could probably stand by themselves :P

Two generations of mends.

I guess you have to see the mends as a cool detail lol.

Cost for this project: 0. (Aside from my sweet time lol). The pieces of jeans were from another pair that are beyond saving and the thread was a gift when I got the sewing machine :) This took me maybe an hour (or less). You're welcome mother nature.

Mending jeans is actually quite soothing and fun. At least when they're big enough to fit in the sewing machine. When I was a wee lass I had a pair of jeans that I loved. My mom sewed on a fun patch everytime I got a hole in them. That's love.

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  1. Så himla bra att laga istället för att slänga och köpa nytt! Försöker med jämna mellanrum med att sätta mig vid symaskinen och laga något/sy något, men ack, blir bara ilsk av symaskiner. Skräp.