Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday morning (as in almost noon).

I get a lot of inspiration from other blogs regarding knits, sewing, food and stuff. This one for example is good for breakfast inspiration (and sewing! :) Yesterday me and the bf were going to help sister I move and I felt we needed a hearty breakfast! Usually it's the bf that gets up earlier and makes a nice breakfast for me so I thought he should get the same treatment :)

Since I don't really like making regular pancakes (they don't turn out that great and I don't have the patience for it) I decided to try american pancakes instead. With coconut! Coconut sugar, coconut milk and some coconut flakes to present in pic. Next time I think I'll only use coconut milk for more flavor.

I like that they don't spread out that much so you can make several in the same pan. I think I used this recipe. Otherwise there's lots of them out there :P

ICA had a lot of fruits that were in season now so we bought some and I figured a fruit salad with watermelon, pineapple, peach and mint was a nice side for the pancakes :)

I also made a sort of dressing with lime juice, honey and passion fruit. Deee-lish! Also, I love my china <3

For work days I've returned to my old habits (in a good way). Oatmeal porridge with seeds and nuts, syrup (he he) and milk. I like my porridge like a cake lol. People find that weird. Whatevs!

 Oh and I started a new knit last sunday and thought it would be fun to make weekly progress updates since it's a knit with a lot of different patterns. And it will probably help me feel motivated. I haven't done that many knits with patterns so I need a bit of practise. Especially since cotton is less forgiving than wool... Hopefully it will turn out nice in the end :)

 The yarn is 100% cotton in 8/4 and the grey is 12/6. Needle size 3. It's a good summer knit!



  1. Mumsig frukost och lovande stickning.
    Kom och plocka bär.

  2. Riktigt snygg färgkombination på det stickade, ser fram mot uppdateringar!