Wednesday, October 1, 2014


In case you didn't know I love veggies. I mean there are veggies in all the colors of the rainbow. I could make a rainbow out of vegetables. Think about it. Here are some meals that I just had to take a pic of.

 The bf made me this plate. I was pretty excited! ;) It's salad (with lots of white wine vinegar since he knows me that one), croutons and beans + red onion, olive oil and spices. Yum!

One evening while the bf was working I made my favorite soup: tom kah! Here's the recipe I use. It's with chicken but I've made it with other stuff (shrimp, crawfish, fish, quorn). This one had the latter. Eat with lots of coriander and lime juice mmm...

Experiments with deep frying :O Veggie balls made with cooked potatoes, a little bit of onion, red lentils and big white beans (no idea if it's called that in english lol). The sauce is vinegar cooked red onion, dill and creme fraiche. Proper friday meal! :)

No veggies here but pancakes with mashed banana and grated chocolate kinda gets me excited too ;)