Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day of DIY # 67. Crop cardigan.

Here's my most recent venture into making clothes for myself. I wanted to make a cropped cardigan for the winter when I use a lot of high waist skirts. This is my contribution for Husmorsskolans Syförening this week. Cue lots of pics!

We had nice weather that weekend, perfect for taking pictures :)

The petrol-ish blue, the brown and the light green parts are Sandnes Mini Duett. It's 55% cotton and 45% merino wool. Super soft! The purple and light blue is Sandnes Mandarin Naturell. 100% cotton for that one.

The pattern is a self composed raglan from the bottom up that I cut open and made into a cardigan. Have you noticed I like raglan?

It is a bit wide at the top but I had already cut it open when I realised it so it'll just have to do. If I wear something like a shirt under it's okay.

I made two purls in the middle of each arm and one on each side of the decrease marks. The top button is from my grand mothers sewing box and the other eight are thrifted. Same as on this and this.

The pics are taken at our local outdoors museum :)

I tried to step out of the box with my posing lol. "Take one of me pretending to climb the wall!" The skirt is one of my favorite thrift finds (it was like 20 SEK and can be worn in the waist or on the hip). The stockings are from Lindex I think. They remind me of tapirs <3 The white shirt is another thrift find. Shoes from Ecco. (wooow an outfit AND knit post! ;)

More creative posing :P

I'm finishing a smaller project (and a non-raglan at that!) but right after I'm done I'm making another one like this :) With some changes. That's the nice thing about making more than one of stuff.
Pics taken by the ever so awesome bf.


  1. Färgerna är helt underbara. Gillar ditt klättringsförsök. Var i Skåne hittar man den där fina muren?

    1. På en kvarn på Fredriksdals friluftsmuseum :)

  2. I like your colors , so nice cardigan.

  3. Koftan är jättefin och jag gillar verkligen "okapistrumporna".

  4. SMALLER project?? ;) Haha nej jag bara skojar av gammal vana :p. Jag skulle ju skriva för att beundra din tröja! :D