Friday, October 24, 2014

Ísland # 1.

Here are some pics from our 5 day trip to Iceland in june. Yeah I know, that was only 4 months ago... I've been waiting for the bf to edit them since he took them in some fancy format. But better late than never right? :) The bf took a lot of nice pics so I'll split it up in several posts.

Day 1. A little bit tired and hungry but happy.

 We stayed at Hotel Adam which was an adventure in itself lol.

Still self-timing it up ya'lls.

 Lunch at Prikkið.

Walking about. So much walking about those 5 days :)

Ofc I also had to visit Handprjónasamband Íslands the first day ;)

In the evening we had a drink at a restaurant (and food? I mix up the days). I had a strawberry mojito since, you know, it was our summer vacation ;)



  1. Vilka fina bilder!
    Och ni bodde granne med Hallgrimskirkja.
    Det måste vara svårt att välja när man är på Handprjónasambandid aka Garnhimlen.

  2. Åh, Island! Verkar trevligt! :)
    Skulle det bli tillfälle så skulle jag gärna åka till Island.
    Ser fram emot fler rese-inlägg!

  3. Oh, that's a yarn shop I should have sent all the Finnish ladies to when they asked about where to buy Icelandic yarn (I was there to work as an interpreter at a folkdance event for kids from all over the Nordic countries, mainly interpreting between Scandinavian languages and Finnish, but most of the time we skipped the actual interpreting and answered the questions ourselves :P ) Oh well, the festival was about 40 minutes off from Reykjavik so I suppose many of them couldn't have found the time to go there anyway. My bf and I went to Reykjavik on our day off though, and probably walked right past your hotel and had lunch in a nice little restaurant just opposite Hallgrimskirkja. Don't remember its name though :)