Tuesday, July 19, 2011


She's done it again.. Another giveaway that looks really nice :) Especially the nailstickers look fun :)
And there's the link!

Since I need to cheer myself up for todays studying I'm gonna post what followed the beer mani :P I think you'll understand why I liked it so much. Also I can't take credit for having the patience to make it, it was done by my roomie :)

Nail polish all over the place I know 8) The base is Sally Hansen Southsea Pearl, which I bought in NYC in the year 2006. I bought maybe 6 or 7 polishes on that trip (including another of the nail prisms, Bronze Ruby). Had I known then what I know now I would've bought the crap out of all the other prisms as well! Haha. And a lot more of the other colors too.. Ah one can always dream.. Darn you americans for having much cheaper polish ;)


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