Thursday, October 31, 2013

Matte and shiny.

How many designs can you get with hole reinforcers? Here's 4 anyways.

The gorgeous semi matte shimmer fest is Sephora - Any way any where (WHY IS IT A MINI BOTTLE????) and the black is A England - Camelot.

This Sephora is a true staring polish. So purdy.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day of DIY # 52. Embroidered top.

This week I'm finally on board for Fredrikas Sypepp again! I've been meaning to join in since my first time in may... Eh. :p Better late than never! This time it was an upcycling theme, perfect! It's also nice since this DIY is actually inspired by her as well. She's posted a lot of cool short tops and when I was working on this one I was like heck, why not make it a short one! This is also my contribution to Husmorsskolans Syförening this week.

This is what I started out with, courtesy of my dad. A jeans shirt with short sleeves.

 I embroidered the back before I had any idea what I wanted to turn it into. My first thoughts were a dress, since obviously I like 'em dresses ;)

Of course I had to throw a rainbow in there. All the embroidery floss was thrifted, the sewing thread was a gift. Monetary cost for this project = very close to nothing.

Then I cut off about half of it and took it in everywhere :P I'm so glad I have a sewing mannequin! I probably wouldn't have made it otherwise lol.

I'm super happy with this one. Even though (or especially because) it's not really my style. Comfort zone -> stepping out of it. Plus I've never refashioned anything this much or well :)

Pics by bf <3 I'm also wearing my fantastical harem pants that he bought me in India. Woop woop!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Let's talk about sweat for a second.

I've been meaning to write this post for aaages. Since may. Oops. Anyways. Better late than never. This here is about deodorants. And no poo. You can google deodorants and antiperspirants and read about why they're bad. And make up your own mind. I don't use commercial products on my body anymore (only soap and tooth paste. More on that another day). So since I'm into the whole no poo thing deodorants was a natural step. I had already stopped using deodorants since a couple of weeks so the toxins had already been sweated off by the time I started experimenting. Here you can read in swedish about deodorants. The first one I tried was alum + water.

Get a suitable container (I bought two small pump bottles from Åhlens since I didn't have any spares at home). Then you pour alum and water in it and shake. When the alum doesn't dissolve anymore you've poured in enough. Doesn't take that much either so it's a cheap deodorant.

Then I continued with the experimenting and wanted to try the baking soda deodorant. There are a lot of recipes for this one if you google. I used coconut oil + shea butter, corn starch, baking soda and some essential peppermint oil to make it smell good.

Melt the solids down and mix it all together.

Pour it into a jar or a container like these ones. (What the heck is hylsa in english??) Containers from Hemgjord.

The baking soda deodorant did not work for me aaat all. Made me smell 10 times worse than I would with no deodorant at all. I do know though that this one works for a lot of people and I'm not inclined to give up on it just yet. I might try to modify the recipe one of these days. For now I use the alum one. With no poo you have to be willing to try stuff and not give up right away if it doesn't work.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day of DIY # 51. Baby cardigan.

I actually have several DIYs ready. Which is pretty nice since there won't be much home made stuff here until oh say the 24th of december... ;) Here's one I finished last week. And this week I'm right on schedule for Husmorsskolans Syförening :)

 My first cardigan :) Modified this pattern. This is the 4th sweater from that pattern. It's really easy to follow and modify so I like it :) The size is 0-3 months. Material is wool yarn from Klippans Yllefabrik and size 3 needles. Cutting in knits is fuuuun! I also crocheted the neck a bit higher but you can't really see that in the pic.

 I made this for my niece since cardigans are easier to use. And because I just can't resist making stuff for the babies... The buttons are from my grandmothers sewing box :) Why buy stuff you guys? (except you yarn... my precious)

The pattern is (aside from stripes..) pretty much the easiest possible but still really nice :) I have a special love for squares... I crocheted the button holes.

And an action pic from when I had some real special little peeps visiting :)

I will most def make more of these! :) Now if only adult sweaters knitted up this quickly... ;P

Friday, October 18, 2013

Leopard rerun kinda.

I was browsing my nail art lable the other day and got in the mood for a neon leopard. It's kind of the only kind I do. If it's not neon it's some other really bright colorful combo. This is like the non identical twin of this mani.

 The base is two coats of China Glaze - Surfin' For Boys (which doesn't match my skin color and makes it perfect for covering :P). The spots are China Glaze - Stella and the black is A England - Camelot. And some SV to smooth it out.

With flash.

Macro shimmer!

I don't really buy polish that much anymore but if I place an order it will contain some more polishes from this collection. Drool!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Just everyday life.

Just some pics from the life of this one.

1,3 litres of water melon juice, infused in the fridge with mint leaves for a couple of days. As we say in Sweden, ska det va så ska det va.

Making baby food. It's super easy! Just boil some organic goodies, mix it up. Serve.

Also, thanks to my mom we make our own "table butter". You know, the stuff you put on your bread. I found that 250g butter and 2,5 dl oil works perfectly. Plus, it's super easy to remember. This saves us 10 SEK per batch. Pretty good I say.

After months of cotton it felt good getting my hands on some wool again. Picking colors from a crate with wool in all the colors of the rainbow = <3


Monday, October 7, 2013

Wool wool wool.

An unexpected trip back to Iceland generated a lot of special memories and of course, more wool.

 More blue and grey Einband. I'm thinking a gradient two strand sweater...

100 g balls of yarn are hard to resist. Especially when they are in pretty colors like these!

And ofc some more plötulopi. Lurve it! The grey is for my lopapeysa and the blue is probably for some childrens peysa later on :)

I also bought 3 or 400 g plötulopi for my mom but forgot to take a pic before I gave it to her. About 950 g of plötulopi, 200 g Álafosslopi and 200 g Einband and I paid 308 SEK. YES PEOPLE!

Here's a pic I took when we went up in the tower of Hallgrimskirkja. Cool view! (In case you needed some other reason to visit Iceland besides the awesome yarn.)


Friday, October 4, 2013

A request, kind of.

Sister L commented that I should do a cloud mani in cloudy colors (blue and white). She also suggested a rainbow... I was all like yeah sure! Then my white polish made me crazy and I ended up with one of my favorites (one coater ya know!). Actually, two favorites. Need to put these away so the other polishes get some love too! ;)

The grey (which looks blue here) is H&M - Miss Stone Heart and the blue is China Glaze - First Mate. Best cremes! Then I added some rhinestones in the colors of the rainbow. Except I didn't have any orange ones!

Also booh Seche Vite for smudging! Need to have a lighter touch I guess. And next time I'll reverse the colors so it's more cloudy. Blue clouds exist tho right??


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

If you can eat it, put it in your hair.

I've been meaning to write another no poo-post for a while. I try new things every now and again. The last thing I tried was washing my hair with rye flour (rågmjöl). Here's a whole list of different ways to wash your hair (in swedish). I've tried 6 of those so far lol. Experimenting is fun!

 I started with pouring some water and rye flour in a glass jar. It sat there for 1-2 hours or so. I shook the jar a couple of times during those hours.

Then I strained it to something more practical to use in the shower. An old honey container. This took a while! I made enough for two washes.

I put some honey and corn starch in the strained flour and put that on my face as a mask. No idea if it did any good but I felt it was wasteful to just throw it away! It worked as a mild scrub anways. Plus it's always fun to have food on your face right?

I think this cleaned my hair okay but it was a bit of a hassle compared to my regular routine. The thing about no poo is you might have to try a lot of different things to get something that works for you. I know a lot of people use several methods as well for different effects. It's too bad I don't have a hair pic but it's really hard to photograph your own hair! :p I should ask the bf to take some before and after pics since I have to cut it.
Oh and this month I've been no poo for a year! :)