Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer musings.

Here's another peek into what makes everyday life that much better.

This was my dinner one evening after our weekly ATS-dancing. Nuff said. Sill makes me weirdly excited. And new potatoes!!! (+ butter ofc)

Went to the tea shop with my mom. Finally some real loose leaves from my favorite brand Kränku :)

In our new mug. It's what I like to call äkta feeling.

This last friday the bf and I had a bunch of friends over and made sushi. It was delish! The saké was not lol. But purdy.

 Also, since I've improved my skills in yarnz I've also improved my skill in realising my limitations. And ripping something up and starting over isn't that scary or annoying. This knit wasn't going to turn out the way I wanted so I took inspiration from an awesome sweater my mom made for lil A and decided domino sqaures was the right way to go. Feels great! :)


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New yarnz.

Here's some new yarns I've gotten in the last couple of months.

Me and the bf went to Iceland in june. I will hopefully post some more pics about that soon but here's the yarn I bought which you know is pretty interesting ;) This is about 600g of plötulopi in a beautiful purple color which I see now I didn't manage to capture. Booh! Anyways, it's really nice :)

I bought some more einband as well since I plan on making a blue/grey/black sweater. And because it's so cheap how could I not? ;)

I needed a cotton refill and ordered some from Redlunds Manufaktur. 46 kr for 200g. Yes. Yes.

This brown was also hard to photograph. It's not as reddish irl.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Day of DIY # 62. Mending again.

About a month ago I had some extra energy after work and felt like sewing something. I decided to surprise the bf with some mended shorts. Again lol. Since this bf of mine doesn't like shopping I felt the odds of him buying a new pair were close to nothing... :P And why buy new when you can mend right?

A tip, fix the pants before the holes get this big :P

 They had gotten some more wear (as in skateboarding) since the last time I fixed them.

 All over the place.

These pants have so much tread in them now they could probably stand by themselves :P

Two generations of mends.

I guess you have to see the mends as a cool detail lol.

Cost for this project: 0. (Aside from my sweet time lol). The pieces of jeans were from another pair that are beyond saving and the thread was a gift when I got the sewing machine :) This took me maybe an hour (or less). You're welcome mother nature.

Mending jeans is actually quite soothing and fun. At least when they're big enough to fit in the sewing machine. When I was a wee lass I had a pair of jeans that I loved. My mom sewed on a fun patch everytime I got a hole in them. That's love.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday morning (as in almost noon).

I get a lot of inspiration from other blogs regarding knits, sewing, food and stuff. This one for example is good for breakfast inspiration (and sewing! :) Yesterday me and the bf were going to help sister I move and I felt we needed a hearty breakfast! Usually it's the bf that gets up earlier and makes a nice breakfast for me so I thought he should get the same treatment :)

Since I don't really like making regular pancakes (they don't turn out that great and I don't have the patience for it) I decided to try american pancakes instead. With coconut! Coconut sugar, coconut milk and some coconut flakes to present in pic. Next time I think I'll only use coconut milk for more flavor.

I like that they don't spread out that much so you can make several in the same pan. I think I used this recipe. Otherwise there's lots of them out there :P

ICA had a lot of fruits that were in season now so we bought some and I figured a fruit salad with watermelon, pineapple, peach and mint was a nice side for the pancakes :)

I also made a sort of dressing with lime juice, honey and passion fruit. Deee-lish! Also, I love my china <3

For work days I've returned to my old habits (in a good way). Oatmeal porridge with seeds and nuts, syrup (he he) and milk. I like my porridge like a cake lol. People find that weird. Whatevs!

 Oh and I started a new knit last sunday and thought it would be fun to make weekly progress updates since it's a knit with a lot of different patterns. And it will probably help me feel motivated. I haven't done that many knits with patterns so I need a bit of practise. Especially since cotton is less forgiving than wool... Hopefully it will turn out nice in the end :)

 The yarn is 100% cotton in 8/4 and the grey is 12/6. Needle size 3. It's a good summer knit!