Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy new year!

I've seen a lot of sum up posts in the last week. I thought maybe I should make one too. Since I've already posted my favorite polishes and nail arts I'll just link to them. And then I'll post links to my favorite crafts this year as well :)
Top 5 polishes
Favorite nail arts

I just blogged about this blanket but since this is a sum up.. :P

This one was special to me since I made it for my bestest childhood friends baby (who's still on the way).

I taught myself something new and made a rug for my sister.

2012 was a great year with (ofc) its ups and downs (mostly ups!). 
I danced for an audience for the first time (and then a second). Dancing became much more important for me this year.
I started thinking more about stuff, the environment and my health. Stopped using weird stuff in my hair. Gave up buying new clothes almost entirely.
Fell out with a friend and reconnected 6 months later. And now all is as it should be again.
Moved to a new and saaah-weet apartment with the love of my life. Now, let's not move again for a long time! ;) Also made a short trip in the beginning of the summer and then a week in Scotland (super cool!) Lots of walking and photographing here and lazy weekend mornings with pancake breakfast <3
I tried a lot of new crafty things. Tablet weaving, crocheting with fabric strips, hand dyeing, granny squares and so on. You know, DIYing is the best confidence boost. You want to make something and then you make it. And feel great about yourself ;D (plus you get cool stuff!)

I think next year is gonna be awesome. I'm going to be an aunt as I mentioned before. My niece/nephew is going to be the coolest and ofc I shall craft lots of baby stuff :D (yes parents, you may make requests) Hopefully I will graduate lol. And I'm turning 25. Wow, when did that happen? Also, next year the bf gets back!!!!!11111oneoneeleven (yes I'm going a bit nuts)

OMG longest and linkiest post ever. Anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR YOU GUYS! <3

Friday, December 28, 2012

Day of DIY # 21. Personal best.

Life's full of surprises. I got one some months back and I'm finally getting used to it. I'm going to be an aunt. And soon! I'm kind of a sentimental person so yeah I'm getting a bit teared up writing this. I'll blame it on being home alone, listening to I will always love you by Dolly Parton (what, it's in my playlist) and missing my bf a looot! (but who am I kidding right? ;)) Anyways, this project was a labor of love. Pic spam!

Remember these? Well they turned into this.

And then this.

And then it was finished.

Bf's feet for size reference (and since I miss him!) and a glimpse of another knit to come on the blog.

And a fancy shot :) This is the prettiest, most time consuming and coolest thing I've made so far. I hope my niece/nephew will like it as much as the parents did ;)

All photos taken by the bf <3 This blanket was so much fun to make. I'll probably make one for myself altho it will take a lot longer than this one lol. This one took me 2-3 months. Pretty good time if I may say so myself. I've been true to one craft at a time for the last few months. There may be hope for me yet! ;D

Monday, December 24, 2012

Some more trees.

This is the last christmas mani I made. I thought it would be nice to save it for christmas eve! Which as you might know is the big day for us here in Sweden. I timed this post since I won't be home (in my own home) for a couple of days. MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU GUYS!

I had to try Nailsides other tree design :) The base is H&M - Miss Stone Heart + China Glaze - White Cap, which was a perfect background! It kinda looks like snow falling :) The trees from the left is Wet'n'Wild - Teal of Fortune, China Glaze - Starboard, A England - Dragon & A England - Saint George. SV and rhinestones!

These pics were also taken by the bf :)

*edit* For some reason the timing didn't work but here it is a couple of days late lol.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tape trees.

How about some more christmas nail art? :)

I used Nailsides tutorial for these :) Base is two or three coats of A England - Holy Grail. The green is Wet'n'Wild - Teal of Fortune. SV to smooth it out.

This was an easy and pretty quick holiday mani :)


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Golden grey.

Here's a layering manicure I was really pleased with!

This is one coat of H&M - Miss Stone Heart and then I added one coat of China Glaze - White Cap. This was sooo pretty! (yes I bumped a nail again lol)

 The bf took these pics for me with his fancy flash. They manage to capture that pretty golden shimmer. I need to layer White Cap over all my light colors! :)


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I heart second hand.

I have a lot of second hand stuff. My coolest stuff is second hand you know. I thought it would be fun to post about some of those things. This is probably just the first part 8)

Haha why choose a boring pic when you can have a funny one? ;) Here's a cool sweater with an 80's fit I bought for like 20-30 SEK. Yes, for reals. It's cotton and super cosy. Also featured here.

It would seem finding awesome sweaters is my destiny. This one cost me 125 SEK which is probably 1/10 of what it's worth. It's the real deal.

And finally my favorite. Here it is in another post. Hand made icelandic sweater for 30 SEK. I've worn this most of the fall and winter. In december I caved and started using my winter jacket (which you know, is also second hand ;)) Anyways, I was so excited when I found this sweater. Fun fact, I saw a woman wearing the same one but without buttons on a train a few weeks ago.

I buy other stuff than sweaters. Here's my favorite mug (it has an ear) with some mint and ginger tea.

I wanted to post my new favorite skirt (40 SEK) and thought it would be fun to make the entire outfit second hand. The jacket is also from a thrift store, maybe 20 SEK or so. The socks are from my grand parents.

Ignore my mousy pose and look at this amazing dress! My oldest sister found it at a thrift shop and gave it to me last christmas. In my hand is an upcycled make up bag from another sister (it has rainbows!). This dress has gotten so many compliments :)

That's it for this time. When the bf gets back I'll take pics of some other second handy stuff 8)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Festive funky french.

Here's another mani attempting to be christmassy :p

I started out with two coats of A England - Perceval (it's like christmas in a bottle yes?) then I taped my tips off with hole reinforcers and added H&M - Kiss Goodnight + SV. Also, I've bumped almost all manis recently, whaddup? o.O

I think Perceval is definitely going to be this months most used polish :>

Also, the bf went to India yesterday with his family. He's going to be away for three weeks and ofc brought his camera. I did stock up on material before he went so there will still be posts.
(Yes, I already miss that boy!)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dancy hair.

Last week I went to a turkish restaurant with my mom for some good food and dancing. Since we were going to perform some ATS we went all out with hair and stuff. I thought it'd be fun to post my hair style here since it's different from just everyday hair. Also, I like hair :)

I made a small dutch braid (on the right in the pic) and then on the other side made a larger dutch braid that went around the head to the other side. I got the flowers from my mom a while back, she crocheted them. And she also helped me fasten them to my hair here :) I don't have a pic from my dance outfit but it was the same as in this post. In this pic I'm wearing a cool thrifted dress!

Maybe I should wear flowers in my hair more often. It's pretty! See you soon with some more holiday manis!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday stripes.

I've been doing christmas manis for the last week or two. Here's one attempt from early this month.

 Green, gold and red. Those are christmas colors. But this mani doesn't seem all that festive. Ah well. The green is China Glaze - Starboard, the gold is A England - Holy Grail and the red is A England Perceval which I can't stop using. I might actually have to get a back up of that some day. Oh and I used striping tape for this one. It's easier to stick to the nail but you have to be more careful not to get it on the other side of the tape.

I also added a coat of China Glaze - White Cap. Which is totally pretty but I couldn't really show that in the pics. Ye ye. :p

I can't wait for christmas! I'm super busy with my bachelor paper right now. This studying is hard lol! Anyway, a couple of weeks left and it's hopefully over. And we're taking a break over the holiday :)
More christmas manis to come!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmassy things.

Here's a christmas post for ya'll. As I'm typing this the snow is blowing all around the place! We're going to a christmas market at our favorite local spot later. Winter clothes on man!

A week ago, on the first advent we made gingerbread cookies.

And saffron buns. Yum!

Not having a christmas tree means improvising. Here's the latest trend: christmas yukka! ;) With lots of DIY ornaments :)

And a pic from today. Look at all that snow! Yes we also have a christmas aloe vera lol.

I hope you're all having a nice second advent! :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pretty paper.

Most christmasses (yes that is a word? lol) in my life have been set to the tunes of one record. It's kind of a big deal. No christmas without Willie! I made these nails and while listening to the record on Spotify realized that they fit perfectly for one of the songs.

This is a total A England mani. (I have a problem lol) The cross is Merlin (silver glitter) and from the left: Tristam, Saint George, Lady of the Lake & Perceval + SV to smooth it out. I used striping tape for this one.

Like little presents on my nails! That's what I was going for anyways.

Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue
Wrap your presents to your darling from you
Pretty pencils to write "I love you"
Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue

Yay for christmas manis! :D

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Blue flash

Here's a polish I've wanted for a while now :) Yay for gifts!

This is two or three coats of Milani - Blue Flash + SV. Underneath I did a coat of China Glaze - Dorothy Who? to make it a bit more opaque.

This is a super sparkly glitter polish with both big and small pieces. And it's so much sparklier IRL! Here are some much better pics of it and also it's the post that added this one to my wish list :)

This is probably the last regular mani for while. More christmas ones to come!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

'Tis the season.

Here's a holiday mani for ya'll! It's a bit wrinkly and what not since I wasn't real patient in my applying... Anyways it's red and gold and I'm looking forward to christmas! :D

Also I only have one half-crappy pic of it :P Anyways, this is two or three coats of Barry M - Red Glitter and then I put on some hole reinforcers and added a coat of a gold polish (can't remember which..) + SV.

I'll have to recreate this one later on :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Party nails.

I was going to a party and felt like doing something fun with my nails. I was going for tape but couldn't decide on what kind. So I present to you: tape skittles! :)

 The base color is A England - Princess Sabra and then I added tape and A England - Bridal Veil. Topped it off with some SV as usual.

I used striping tape (thumb and middle), regular tape (index and ring) and hole reinforcers (pinky).

I need to wear the thumb design in christmassy colors soon! :D

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pretty dupe.

This is a polish G bought in NYC and gifted me. For some reason she knows my polish taste really well. I like this polish so much I already have it! :O A version of it that is :) But since it's probably my favorite glitter (except for this one I guess) I don't mind having lots of it ;)

This is three coats of Sally Hansen - Glitz Gal. It's easy to apply and dries really fast. Removal is pretty easy as well since it's mostly very small particles. The big ones are holographic :)


I should wear glitter more often.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Nail polish love.

I have to say, I love A England. Like for reals. Great polishes, application-wise and the colors. Also, great for nail art!!!111 (this is me excited btw) I was like mmm need something purdy on mah nails /reachforAEngland. Then I was like mmmm what's better than holo? DOUBLE HOLO! With tape!

This is two coats of A England - Princess Tears, tape and A England - Lady of the Lake.

A bit blurry but this is what it looks like without flash.

And here it is with some SV as well. Holo, still present.

On my right hand I settled for half moons which was also really pretty!

Side note, don't wear holo while studying. I was all like oooh purdy nails, let's look at them every 10 seconds. The holo really popped under my reading lamp as well :S

I'm looking forward to seeing what the new collection will contain!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sparkly Sparkling.

Here's another polish from our Scotland trip this summer.

This is three-ish coats of Revlon - Sparkling over Color Club - Sweetpea + SV. This glitter is fun, altho bigger glitter is harder to remove, at least for me. But since there's not a whole lot of them it was fine :)

 It's a fun way to spice up a plain creme polish :)


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Peas of the non-eating kind.

Here's the other Color Club I bought recently.

This is three coats of Color Club - Sweetpea. It looks a bit streaky this close but for IRL purposes (heh) it was fine. You know how it is with cremes (that's why I'm a shimmer-lovah!) ;) Also, this is a sun pic (zomg!).

Feels like forever since I made a DIY-post but christmas is approaching and the stuff I finish won't be showable until after presents are opened ;) I've actually been a one-project-gal for a really long time now :O I usually switch from project to project and nothing is finished :P Well I have to make fun gifts for my family so that's making me more focused :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Flower leopard.

I usually feel like doing nail art on creme polishes.

So I made some leopard print. The base is Color Club - Hydrangea Kiss, the blue spots were made with Color Club - Chelsea Girl and the black is China Glaze - Liquid Leather. + SV ofc!

I really like leopard print! It's so fun, pretty easy to do and you don't have to wait for the base to dry completely like with tape manis. Win-win :)