Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day of DIY # 45. Baby gifts.

I've had a really busy week + my awesome weekend = not much on ye old blog. Also a lot of the stuff I've been working on lately has been gifts. But now they've been handed over to their rightful owners and can take their place here.

The one with the flower was for my niece lil G and the other one was for the one that's still in my other sisters stomach. Get over here!!! ;) Since these babies are a quarter icelandic I thought they should have a bit of the blue, red and white ribbon my dad bought me in the old country. All the supplies were gifted or thrifted. OMG that was a great rhyme! If I ever start a store I should call it that. Or maybe name a lable on the blog thusly... Interesting.

Anyways... These are the same as this one with the addition of a little bell in each, courtesy of a tribe member. Booyah! :)
My photography interested (if you hadn't already figured that out lol) bf took this pic.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Put a smile on my face.

Some recent foody things that have made me smile.

 I got this camomille tea from my mom and was delighted when I opened it and it really was just dried camomille flowers. Yes, delighted! :) It was good.

This was my breakfast one morning. I kinda felt like I was at a hotel. Homemade müsli (mixed nuts, dried figs and apricots + oatmeal), sliced banana and strawberries + just a teeny amount of milk. Deee-lish!

This here... It's a life changer. I just call it VMJ for shorts since I'm nerdy like that. (Vattenmelonsjuice - water melon juice) Mix water melon (my favorite fruit it's sooo goooood [insert crazy sounds]) and some ice cubes + juice from lemon or lime if you have it. If you want more add some water.

Put in glass with some mint. DRINK IT!!! It's so good omg.

I've had a great weekend which is extra nice since I'm going to have a busy week. Hopefully I'll be able to get a post up since I've seen some pretty cool things and been hanging out with some awesome people :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Plastic nail art.

Finally nail art that didn't involve hole reinforcers!! Omg it's almost like a solar eclipse right? No?

 I saw this technique a while back but never got around to trying it until now. So glad I did! Here's a nice tutorial. Altho I only used one piece of plastic wrap. Preserve!

The base was two coats of China Glaze - Light as Air (which it totally is! Such a nice color) and then I added a coat of Color Club - Disco Dress + plastic wrap + SV. These are super purple but as you may know, purples freak cameras out. The flash pic is color accurate.

I need to do these in every color. It's such a cool look! Two toned manis in my heart.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day of DIY # 44. Embroidered back pack.

Here's my contribution to Husmorsskolans Syförening this week. And it's a good one! :)

My citys Hemslöjdsförening has had an "embroidery café" at the library this spring which I've been participating in. One of the occasions I didn't have enough embroidery floss for the project I had brought but wanted to keep on stitching. So.. I turned to my back pack :)

A lot of people in Sweden have these back packs but mine is now unique :)

I used different stitches and just made it up as I went. The embroidery thread is all thrifted.

The more color the better!

And of course I had to have a rainbow in there :)

I've been enjoying embroidery the last couple of weeks. It's fun! :)
(And you can do it while watching TV lying around the sofa ;))

Monday, May 20, 2013

Smoothies part 3.

Here's another smoothie from a while back. Introducing mah new friend the blender.

 Ingredients: kiwi, banana, melon (honeydew I think), some pieces of coconut + coconut water (yay for trying new things! :)), ginger, orange, ice cubes and water.

In ya go!

And the result was totally delish!

Have you ever bought a coconut? Kinda makes you feel like Robinson Crusoe or something 8)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Out and about.

Me and the bf and two friends went hiking one weekend. It was a chill time, not too much walking, a night in a wind shelter by a fire place with yummy bbq and a little more walking the next day before going home.

 We started the day with a thing called kosläpp. In Sweden cows have to be outside a couple of months every year. The day they let the cows out is an event in some places. We were among the few non familys there lol. Here are some cows running out to freedom. It was fun to watch them but it kinda made me sad seeing them so happy about getting outside. I wish they could roam around as long as possible.

Walking around like a real wilderness person. ;)

 Chilling the light of a fire in my recently thrifted cozy sweater :)

Feeling like a samurai carrying my chair on my back.

Pics by the boyfriendy photographer.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

First mate holo.

Another half moon mani... I just keep reaching for them hole reinforcers. Maybe if I remove them from my desk I might do something else... ;)

This is one coat of China Glaze - First Mate, which didn't look patchy IRL + hole reinforcers + Depend - 2032 + SV.

In the shade.

It's been sunny a lot so I can't really motivate not wearing holographic polishes (holo holo!) ;)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Day of DIY # 43. Skirt.

Fredrika has this new thing called Sypeppen which you can read about here. This is my contribution for the week. I'm actually not wearing it now and the pics were from a "it's finished plz to take pics"-moment a week ago... But I did wear it for an entire day and night with bbq, cheering on a running bf, drinking beer and hanging out with friends. So I know it's got what it takes ;)

It's a skirt I made from an old duvet cover (påslakan) I bought second hand. Funny thing is that this is the wrong side since that was prettier than the right side :> I didn't have a pattern or anything (surprise? lol) and I was actually first trying to make a dress like the green one here but alas my lazyness and sewing skills... ;) But it turned out okay anyways!

Cool print.

This is actually the waistband from a pair of underwear. Upcycle! I got the idea from here, check out her blog for lots of  refashioned thrift finds :)

Not too bad for an afternoons work :) Cost? Probably like 1 SEK lol.

Pics taken by my bf and fiancé and all that <3

Friday, May 10, 2013

Day of DIY # 42. NP jewelry.

I've been the worst blogger lately... I blaim the fact that I've actually studied, haven't done my nails a lot and my DIYs have been big stuff that I can't show on the blog yet. Digging through my pics I found some old stuff that I hadn't posted yet so yay DIY! Nail polish jewelry to be exact, made about a year ago. I bought the cabochons (glass pieces) and ring holders + pendant loops (yeah you get what I mean lol) from here.

Pendant made with A England - Saint George.

Another pendant with Barielle - Elle's Spell, China Glaze - Ruby Pumps (I think) and Barry M - Red Glitter. I wanted to recreate this mani as a necklace :)

Then I made several rings. This is Milani - Cyberspace and Depend - 5002 (crackle).

My favorite with two of my favorite polishes :) China Glaze - Rodeo Fanatic and Orly - Rococo A Go-Go.

A England - Merlin and Princess Sabra.

Nail polish jewelry is fun :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Valborg nails.

I've had holo nails on the past two Valborgsmässoafton. So you know gotta carry on the tradition! We even had some sun so I got to see the sparklyness in full force :) Too bad the sun was away when I took these pics... Here's a link so you can drool over last years mani!

 Here's the most color accurate pic, under a lamp. I started with one coat of Gina Tricot - Petrol on most nails and two coats of A England - Saint George on the ring finger. The other nails got a hole reinforcer and a coat of Depend - 2036 and SV on all nails!

Need to show the holo a bit more. The Depend holos are really good! And since they're so tiny and expensive (and not very opaque..) it's nice to layer them :)

I celebrated Valborg in Lund with a bunch of friends and had a really nice time :)
It's really time to crack open the holos for reals now woop woop! I <3 summer.