Friday, August 19, 2011

A fail and a win.

When I got back from Turkey I was itching for something new and non-chipped on my nails. I decided to try H&Ms Moody Model since I hadn't used it yet. Sadly I didn't really like it. I thought the application was a bit weird (maybe I was a little bit rusty since I hadn't painted my nails in a week but aaaanywho...). The first layer was a bit streaky and transparent. I did two coats. SV leveled it out but I decided to tape it out a bit with China Glaze Cherish. I didn't do any clean up or anything because it didn't stay on long. Anyways here it is.

So the next day we were going out with some friends and I was going to repaint them. My outfit was all black which is really weird for me (hello, I like rainbows) and I thought I should have a bright color on my nails at least. But when I chose I went for another dark greenish polish. MNY 761 that I got from my roomie :) I really liked it!

This is two coats with SV. It went on really easy (no clean up this time either) :) A nice dark shimmery green.

Also, thanks to Honi and this tutorial I had make up on that I really liked! :) It was an easy way for a make up noob like myself to get a look that wasn't just some eye shadow on the lid and mascara. Yey! I will probably do it again and again :)

From a distance it looked like I had fake lashes, pretty cool. Ignore my clumsy lashes tho, haha.

Now I'm going to remove this polish and try something else :)

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