Friday, August 26, 2011

Space nails and guest NOTDs.

First up in this pic-spammy post is my Space Nails. I followed this tutorial from CutePolish

I used 7 or 8 polishes for this mani :p

Sadly I don't really think the photos do the mani justice :( It looks better IRL.

In sunlight.

When my bf saw me watching the tutorial he got interested in another of her tutorials. The newspapery one. And then he said he wanted to try it on my toes. Free pedi, why not? ;)

Ofc I had to choose these cool ladies. I only did a little clean up. Didn't he do a good job? :)

And then all hell broke loose because we were bored so the bf and the roomie painted their nails. The bf wanted to try some advanced tape mani. The roomie wore CG - Sun Worshipper with SOPI - Note To Self. It sure was a fun evening 8) A lot of giggles!

I made them pose in a nerdy way. Haha. The purple on her fingers is from our Dip In-remover that's getting a bit full :P

Also, from now on he has to cut my tape strips. Look how thin they are :O

Since I already spammed a bunch of pix I might as well have one more. I actually wore make up yesterday. Since I learned the tape thing it's fun :) Now I can make straight lines, yey ;D

Today we're going to some friends to eat crayfish. Totally swedish you know. The bf made a pie and I've baked some bread. It will be delish I'm sure.


  1. I totally love your space nails!

  2. Thank you :) I liked them too, and they were pretty easy to do \o/