Friday, September 9, 2011

Even hairier.

My titles are really nerdy haha. Anywho. My hair is getting longer again and my layers are getting a bit more manageable so it's fun to do stuff with it again. After I cut it in june there were a lot of hairstyles I couldn't do because of the layers. I still can't do a normal braid without some hair falling out but soon I hope since it is my favorite most comfortable hairstyle! Yesterday after I had washed my hair I decided to try another curly/wavy hair method I saw on youtube. I can't find the video now tho :/ But it involved twisting your hair and pinning it down on your head. I then slept on it and took it out this morning. It isn't super curly but since it didn't really take that much time to do and you don't have to use any heat I think it turned out okay.

Don't know if I should call it curly or wavy :P

And I'm smiling, not looking angry lol.

I'm trying not to use tools like straighteners and such since it's harmful to the hair, plus honestly I'm not really good at curling the back of my head and I can't always force the roomie to do it for me! Lol. Youtube is your friend!