Thursday, September 1, 2011

Updated pink.

Here's what I did with the pink polish.
I tried a new design and added Depend - 54 which is pretty old and wasn't a pleasure to work with...

I only wore this for a couple of hours since I had to try some of my new polishes but I think it turned out okay. I'll have to try it with some other colors.

I don't have any more school this week so I'll have time to play with the rest of the new polishes. Haha. But for now I'm going to the gym to pump some iron ;) The yoga was pretty nice. Probably something I'll do if I'm a bit tired or feeling stiff or sore from training. According to some forum the swedish word träningsvärk (which is what I meant) is called "delayed onset muscle soreness". Weird. Haha.

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