Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I heart cats.

I've finally done my entry for Nageldrakens Picture Polish giveaway :) I'm not one of those ppl that can draw teeny tiny stuff on my nails. Also I realised my new brushes aren't even *that* small. Anyways, I wanted to encorporate some features of my pet. Her name was Kisse and she was the cutest cat ever.

Here she is playing with a toy mouse.

When she got older her whiskers turned white.

So I made some white whiskers. And yellow eyes and black paw prints.

Sleepy rainbow cat. Like 2pac said, 
I'll be always thinking of ya homie, rest in peace <3


  1. your cat really was cute :) I like the manicure! Just tell us when we can vote for you ;)

  2. The nail art is really nice. Your cat is adorable