Monday, November 21, 2011

One of those random manis.

The other day I thought I should use my Color Club rainbows and do something rainbowy. I didn't really succeed in the rainbowy stuff but it turned out pretty fun at least.

I started with two coats of Almost Famous, a yellow creme. I think it would be great for summer.

I understand why it's only almost famous.. The formula made me a bit sad. But I guess that's the case with yellows. Btw, anyone know a good shimmery yellow?

Then I just went nuts with my breath and some straws ;P The bf liked this look. I agree, it looks pretty cool :)

I also got my striping tapes this day and had to try 'em on! It was pretty fun :) Altho I don't really like the color scheme, it reminds me of 80's sports wear lol. And also the blue (index) didn't look blue at all over the yellow.

The colors are:
Red - I don't really know since the label was missing :P
Green - Not Just For Kelly
Purple - Disco Dress
Blue - Chelsea Girl
Orange - Koo-Koo Cachoo



  1. Sugrörsmanikyren var ju hur kul som helst :)

  2. I love the Splatter! Nice choice of colors! Your stripes look good. I suck at tape!

  3. Tack! De är ganska roliga att göra för det är så barnsligt på nåt sätt :D

    Thanks! Practise makes perfect ;)

  4. That might actually be my favorite splatter look ever! Really great job with the colors and the application!!

  5. Oh also, Nicole by OPI - One Voice is a really nice shimmery yellow. I don't know if that's easily available to you, though.

  6. Oh what a nice compliment :) That made my morning ;) Hmm no NOPI isn't sold in Sweden but I could look it up on ebay perhaps.