Saturday, November 19, 2011

Taping and sponging.

Of course I couldn't leave that pretty blue alone. I felt like sponging, but also like taping. So I combined the two!

Taped it off not (too carefully :P) and sponged on H&M - 70s Boho and China Glaze - Lighthouse.

Blue and gold is a nice combo I think :)

Buuut... This was a day of studying so I "had" to add something else to it lol.

I used a different shape of tape for this second layer and sponged on some CG - Wagon Trail.

And after a coat of SV I left it alone ;) I really liked this look. I should do it again in some other colors :)
Time for some grocery shopping, yey foods! Toodels!


  1. This is such a great idea !! If I could do sponging I would try it :))

  2. It's not that difficult, you should try it sometime :) Practise makes perfect ;)